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What is your achievement in life?

Wow, you all may guessing from the title seems like it’s getting very serious here! LOL! 
Anyway just take it very easy about life.. Yes, i am very open to talk about LIFE.. 
Everyone have their own dreams about what is their ideal life.. 
Hold on, i am not even talking about perfect life which is far and impossible to be happen in this world, i am just talking about ‘ideal’ life, where you can manage your own happiness in the satisfactory level based on your own opinion.. 
Ok, human will never ever feel satisfication in their life, that’s the basic instict.. But.. 
Have you ever imagine to look down, to those people whoose struggle in their life just to have a food for a day? 
I always asking to myself, “what is my achievement?” 
Well i just want to be happy with my life and always being grateful for what i have.. And i feel HAPPY when i ENJOY what am i doing and i LOVE what am i doing.. 

Pssst, my childhood obsession actually to be fashion designer.. But anyway i found that’s not my way to earn my living, but actually somehow i found my own talent on it.. I think all my ootds shoot are reflecting my own personal preference about fashion.. 

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