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I miss PAris.. :'(

Considering their picturesque landscape and architecture, i can’t forget and miss this lovely city.. PARIS!!!
Still remember we walk hand in hand towards gardens and their famous Eiffel Tower.
I really miss that moment.. :'(
Paris is a romantic city, indeed! 
And Eiffel Tower is super gorgeous and photogenic from every corner..
These all the photographs taken during our last day in Paris, few hours before our flight back to Singapore. We feel so blessed, all the good things we had in these photograph (except the unsightly fencing, ugh!).. Sunshine, blue sky, winds, everything were so perfect for snap good photographs.. 🙂
By the way, when we came towards the garden, we saw police were rescuing someone who wants to jump (suicide) from the Eiffel Tower.. @.@ so dramatic!
Anyway, we really miss Paris and wishing to visit again, someday but soon!!! 🙂

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