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OOTD at Murano and Burano Island at Veneto, Italy

When you travel to Venice, Italy, do not forget to visit this two famous island: Murano Island and Burano Island. Murano is about 45minutes from main Venice island and to reach Burano spend another 15-20minutes from Murano. You need to check direction of the vaporetto (water bus) and please buy the 12 hours ticket for a day travel with vaporetto, because recently they impose the fine for those who had wrong tickets or never validate the tickets..

Murano is very famous with their glass handcraft and glass factories. I believe it is “special art” so do they put the price tag, all are pretty but costly.. ;P
When we visited Murano, it was still early in the morning and all shops were closed so we just walked around and had my OOTD photoshoots. Anyway we love those calm area, not like Venice main island which is very touristy and crowded..

Burano slightly different character from Murano, while Murano island full of souvenir shops, Burano is pretty quiet and calming.. Down there only a few shops selling pretty handmade lace and embroideries.. And the rest is residential area with their colourful building.. It’s really pretty and unique.. 🙂
When we came there water level was pretty high and some area got flooded, so they had to raised the platform for people to walk.

Anyway we enjoyed walking around on this two islands, feel more relax rather than walking on the Venice main islands. 🙂

OOTD Detail:
~ Thermal wear heatech: Uniqlo
~ Skorts: Love & Bravery
~ Outerwear: bought from Hongkong
~ Suede Knee High Boots
~ Bag: Longchamp Le Planetes Winter Collection in Black
~ Kitty Hats: Zara
~ Accessories: taobao

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