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Trip to Shanghai Day 6

And now we are on our 6th day trip in Shanghai.. It’s almost end of our 7D6N journey in Shanghai.. Hoho!
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As usual, posing in front of hotel.. This is the best place to do OOTD shot.. LOL!

Today, we got a chance to visit Xujiahui Cathedral or in english St. Ignatius Cathedral, Shanghai (聖依納爵主教座堂), is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral, located in Xujiahui, in Shanghai, China. The cathedral is administratively part of Xuhui District. Since 1960, St Ignatius has been the seat of the Bishop of Shanghai and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shanghai.

The Cathedral was being renovated.. But we still able to come inside with buying ticket.
Wow, everything here are commercialized already.. Going inside church also need to pay..
I feel that church is the house of God, how about if a beggar would like to come and pray to God, do they need to pay also? Even though they are not having any cents???
Cannot make sense right? 

Gothic style of Catholic Church

Bcos hubby rushing need to meet his friend, so couldn’t manage to visit inside Cathedral.. Bcos we rushing to visit ex Shanghai Expo that day..
Even though cannot manage to visit during expo 2010, but finally we were here..

China Pavilion, ex Shanghai Expo on 2010

Free Ticket!!! Wow.. It’s first time found a free thing in Shanghai..

China Pavilion during Shanghai Expo, nowadays become Shanghai Art Museum..


Sculpture at Shanghai Art Museum, inside here there are so many artwork, painting, etc..

Mandatory shot on this spot! LOL!

Went out for lunch..

Pedestrian in front of our hotel. Very clean and manicured landscape.

Accessories of the Day.. 🙂

My fave: Sheng Jian Bao.. Very cheap, 4 pcs for RMB 5 only!!!

Mushroom noodles..

Fishball soup with tau kwa and glass noodle..

Sheng Jian Bao.. Nyummm…

Sunset view from our hotel room 

On the evening, we had a walk along Pudong area, opposite the Bund..

Our dinner.. Wrapped minced meat with veggie..

Pearl’s Tower at night..
Supposed to have more lighting at night, but maybe this season too hot so they are not light up the tower..

This three buildings are the highest in Shanghai, Pudong area – they call it new town..
Too much modernization happen on this area..

We were on the opposite of the Bund, at Pudong area..

-to be continued-

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