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Lunch Set at Bistro Soori

So grateful, got chance trying new menu from Bistro Soori with some special dishes worth enough to satisfy your craving for “comfort” food.

Lunch set inclusive: starter, an espresso cup of soup, main course and dessert.
Price: $39.90 (subject to 10% service charges)

My starter:

Roasted Pumpkin, Arugula, Pumpkin Seed, Sesame Dressing

So sweet and tender, mixed well with sesame sauce and agurula as the greens.. 
My friend call this dishes kind of “atas” pumpkin! LOL!

Soup of the day: 
Miso soup with shitake mushroom

I always like miso based dishes.. no matter what it is.. Soup, salad, pasta, etc.. I love MISO!!!

Main Course: 
Feeling going for detox after a week bad eating habit, so i go for healtier choice.. Lovely Salmon!!!
Name of this dishes “Pan Seared Salmon, Sweet Corn Pudding, Jalapeno Pickles, Asparagus”

I really mad about the salmon.. The pan fried cooking make the salmon skin crispy! Usually i don’t take fish skin is just bcoz they are sooo “silvery” and gooey feeling when i chew it.. but.. This time, the salmon skin is too good to be missed.. LOL! I ate it till finish.. 
The salmon incorporated with corn pudding make this dish even “sweeter” in mouth.. 
Hmmm.. But i hate those chinese pairsley.. Too smelly to be eaten for me.. Haha..

And here we go! Finally.. My most favourite dessert! 
“Caramelized banana puff, Rum Syrup with Vanilla Ice Cream”

This dessert is really GOOD!!! 

Must TRY when u visit Bistro Soori.. 
It’s the best dessert i found there.. Highly recommended!

Recent visit to Bistro Soori, got seat on the bar counter so able to enjoy all the chef prepare the food in front of us.. 

He is preparing our special yummi dessert!

Heading to Bistro Soori? 
Yes! You may come to: 

No.2 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088385

Operating hours:
11.30am-2.30pm Lunch
6.30pm-10.00pm Dinner

6.30pm-10.00pm Dinner

11.00am-3.00pm Brunch

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