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Dream comes true.. Pinch me please!!!

30th September 2013

Oh dear..
I am very happy, hubby will bring me for honeymoon.. And my dream honeymoon comes true.. Yipiii!!!

Yes, we supposed to go Europe early of this year, but due to tight schedule and was thinking to buy house first make us pending our trip.

But God is really good, He is our provider, He provide everything that we never ever think will come to us so soon.. We never thinking at all to have a chance travel to Europe on this year and keep on focus to save our money for something “BIGGER”.. 
But once again, God is really good.. We are not necessary to pay full for our trip just because my hubby got invitation from his supplier.. We feel really blessed.. 🙂
God’s plan is beyond our reach and beyond what we ever wish..

But now have a problem, just becoz i am holding Indo passport, then i need to apply visa, while my hubby no need to do so.. T.T
And we have LESS THAN A MONTH to plan our itinerary for our “dream” trip! Sigh!
Where everybody have a plenty times to arrange their itinerary, this year we always have a rushing planning for trip.. Last time went to Shanghai also in a rush and never planned anything.. Hoho.. But end up we still enjoyed our trip.. ;P
Now, everyday  need to google and searching and reading and asking here and there.. Oh my… It such a rush planning, just because we only knew it last weekend that we are going to Europe.. Q.Q”

Hubby just confirmed flight ticket today and within this ONE WEEK we need to book hotel, internal flight and train, apply my travel insurance, ask my company to write letter, etc etc.. And next week i need to apply visa to France embassy.. Just bcoz on 19 October we need to be in Kuala Lumpur to attend my hubby’s relatives wedding and before we fly Europe, we also need to attend my brother in law’s wedding. So i need to always hold my passport and better settle schengen visa application before all those events. 

Anyway we don’t have such a long time in Europe also, we only manage to plan visiting 3 cities on 2 countries: Paris, Venice and Rome. We plan staying there for 10days and 9nights.. And i need to apply unpaid leave as well as i only left few more days leave… T.T 
But no choice leh! We just want to spend a good time together in this “so called” honeymoon trip.. 

Have a romantic walk and holding hand in Paris! 

Kissing in front of Eiffel Tower (image source: Google)

YES! Should DO this before I Die!!!

Feel really excited yet feel really awkward.. Such a crazy surprise for me, in a good way for sure.. 🙂
So go TRAVEL around the world while you can.. 🙂

Well.. Everybody wish me a Good Luck then!!! 
I feel, one by one my dreams coming true.. Yes, thanks Lord!!! 

My favourite handsome Landscape Architect said:
“Travel has been my greatest teacher and friend, probably all my life… whether we realise it or not, we are always refering to our personal “hard-drive” of sensory experience.” (quoted by Jamie Durie)


  1. Hi Yun.. I am really happy read this…hoping all your dream come true…be blessed!!

  2. Thanks Yef.. GBU too!

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