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Trip to Shanghai Day 3: Hangzhou West Lake, Xi Hu

5th Aug 2013

Our Third day on Shanghai.. 
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We explored the beauty of Hangzhou West Lake (in chinese called Xi Hu), located 3hours away from Shanghai. We took a day trip from local tour for only RMB 120 including return tour bus and tour guide.. And lunch for RMB 30 only! πŸ™‚

They brought us not only to Xi Hu, but also Silk Factory, Tea Farm and Ling Yin Temple..
Hmm those two place (Silk Factory and Tea Farm) encouraged us to shopping, haha.. Everywhere seems using the same trick, Bangkok, Yogyakarta and few other places we’ve visited, tour guide wil bring us to see one or two factory, but anyway, no harm to buy if you like those items..

It’s a nice trip but quite tiring.. It tooks 3 hours journey from Shanghai to Hangzhou and took the same time to come back to Shanghai.. 

-to be continued-

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