[Beauty] The Perfect Eyebrow and Eyelash from Allure Beauty Saloon

[Beauty] The Perfect Eyebrow and Eyelash from Allure Beauty Saloon

Made a time to visit Allure Beauty Saloon just right before my trip do try their Misty Eyebrow Embroidery and Signature Eyelash Extension. Always visited their City Square branch and this time i went to their Tampines One branch.

Was greeted by the festive mood on their reception area. It’s like a reminder that Christmas and New Year are coming real soon and you have to be ready to prep yourself pretty and groomed.

Allure Beauty Saloon

Allure Beauty Saloon

That day i met their Art Director, Belle. She will be responsible to do eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension for me. Without further ado, she guided me to the treatment room.

Allure Beauty Saloon

Allure Beauty Signature Eyelash Extension

About Signature Eyelash Extension

Extend your real lashes with Wonder Lash; a life-like, natural curl lash from Korea. Gives your eyes a revamped look instantly. No more hassles on putting up falsies!

Step by Step Eyelash Extension

Laid down and check out myself, as you can see i had short eyelashes, ungroomed and messy eyebrow shape. 🙁 

Allure Beauty Saloon

First, cleaning up my eye make up and prepared for eyelash extension.

Allure Beauty Saloon

While starting the eyelash extension, Belle applied numbing cream for preparation to do eyebrow embroidery because it took awhile (at least 30-45mins) for the numbing cream to be absorbed by skin and working.

Allure Beauty Saloon

The Result

Look at that fluttering eyelash extension! I picked 12-14mm length, the longest range they have. Even though there is a dramatic touch to it because of its length but the overall result still look very natural and not heavy at all.

Belle is very patient and gentle on putting up all the strands and i would say she really fast doing it. Usually i’ll spend min 2hrs to do eyelash extension but this one done within an hour and i really love the result.

Allure Beauty Saloon

Signature Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

About Signature Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

Signature Misty Eyebrow Embroidery is Allure Beauty’s  latest and newly developed eye brow techniques ideal for those who are looking for natural looking brows, yet giving off a feel that you have drawn your eyebrows. It will give you soft, natural-looking brows with dual layers of embroidery works. This new technique ensures that the eye brows embroidery lasts longer and looks more natural. The gradient effect is achieved by first embroidering the base layer to cover the bare skin to prep for better colour penetration of the second layer of embroidery. Brow strokes will appear more fine and natural just like your own brow hairs.

Step by Step Signature Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

After eyelash extension and cleaned the numbing cream, Belle proceeded to shape my eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil for the guide during eyebrow embroidery. 

Allure Beauty Saloon

She was keep on perfecting the eyebrow shape to suit my face. I like thicker eyebrow look because IMO, it makes the face look younger.

Allure Beauty Saloon

The eyebrow embroidery process itself was actually quite fast, like about 30mins. And whenever i feel a little bit of bites from the embroidery pencil, they will add more numbing cream. I would say the pain is totally bearable, so nothing to worry about. There is a bit of redish on the forehead because i have sensitive skin around that area, it really depend on your skin condition.

Allure Beauty Saloon

Allure Beauty Saloon

The Result

Yap yap, as you can see, i have perfect eyelashes and eyebrow now.. Belle was checking very carefully if there is anything to adjust. She will touch up as and when necessary,

Allure Beauty Saloon


Totally in love with my new eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension. It looks soooo natural. I could have effortless look everyday. This eyebrow embroidery expected to last for about maximum 2 years with one time touch up and the eyelash extension usually will last me about 2 months with proper tender loving care.. hehe..

Allure Beauty Saloon

Thank you so much Allure Beauty for having me.

Allure Beauty Saloon


Allure Beauty Saloon

I am all ready for Christmas and New Year!


Promo Code

Great for your festive season and upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, i am sharing my special discount code for services i’ve done at Allure Beauty Saloon. Quickly book your session!

For Eyelash Extension, Quote “YUNIXALLURE” and you will entitled a 25% off eyelash extension services for new customer. PM Allure Beauty or visit one of their outlet for more detail. Valid until 28 Feb 2019.

And for Eyebrow Embroidery, Quote “YUNIXALLURE” will entitle a 25% off eyebrow embroidery services* Applicable for new customer to Allure signature or Misty brows only. Applicable for all tiers category, except for founder and co-founder. PM Allure Beauty or visit one of their outlet for more detail. Valid until 28 Feb 2019.

Allure Beauty Saloon

About Allure Beauty Saloon

Established in April 2002, Allure Beauty Saloon is a complete one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Whether you are looking at achieving a crystal clear radiant look; firm and toned body contours and/ or cosmetics procedures to enhance your overall look, Allure Beauty Saloon has it all.

Everyone is born beautiful but maintaining the natural beauty that each is born with it, needs a lot of hard work and determination. At Allure Beauty, they listen to customers needs and tailor made a customised beauty regime that specifically address customer’s beauty concerns and works effectively within customer time and budget. Allure Beauty believe in using their expertise to deliver the best service to customers.

Angela Tnee, well known for her exquisite and precise eye brow embroidery works, is the Founder of Allure Beauty Saloon. As the eye brow master for more than 20 years, she had transformed thousands of satisfied clients internationally including Singapore by simply designing the perfect brows for them. She was also the first person in Singapore to introduce the creative eyebrow embroidery skills using the stroke by stroke techniques which has became Allure Signature Eye Brow.

At Allure Beauty, all staff are experienced, committed and passionate in enhancing and bringing out the natural beauty in Customers.

Allure Beauty


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