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[Travel] Tips on How to Plan a Good Trip?!

I’ve been traveling quite often lately exploring new places. Gaining experience while still have stamina to do and still have the budget to do so.

So far, my friends have been asking how i can plan such an interesting holiday and visited uncommon places that not much people know about it or perhaps doing more unique experiences that most of the people don’t know it exist!

Well frankly speaking, if you are a nature lover, you’ll need to do a lot of research (i would say spend time googling) to be able to find those unusual places. Going outdoor not as simple as travel in the city therefore you need more knowledge and preparation. 

Based on my travel experience, followings are few important points i learned so far from my previous trips.

1. Know exactly places where you want to go

Any visa required? Can you believe that I am still holding third world country passport thus i’ll need visas to go to most of places in the world. I need to prepare visa application at least 2 weeks before the trip. You are lucky if you are Singaporean, the most powerful passport in the world. 

2. Start to plan from the map

Connect all the places of interest that you plan to visit, so you can maximize your time. I am using google map with my account and “starring” all the places i want to visit, from there I’ll know on how to plan the journey. Trust me, try this method, it’s super easy and fast! Pssst, this tips shared by my hubby as he is using it quite often to arrange his overseas trips.

This is few sample from my recent trip to South Korea and Bangkok.



4. Create a comprehensive itinerary

I have created quite elaborated itinerary template to make sure that all the information are captured inside. I share how’s my itinerary template here in case you need it.


4. Find inspiration from web and social media

To understand and know the current condition of the places you want to visit. What is the best way to go there and to get around there. For example if you go to Europe countries, you need to understand best way to go around the countries, by land or by air. In my principle, if the land journey (train, etc) took you more than 4hrs, you have to consider taking plane instead to save the travel timing. Unless the train journey is very special that you plan to enjoy scenery that’s different thing. You need to have time allowance for each journey as there are possibility that there are delays due to weather or human factor (strikes, etc). If you are required to drive at the place you want to visit, find more info on how’s the driving there and you have to prepare your international license. Road trip is my favourite as it allow us to have more flexibility

5. Plan early

Buy ticket and book hotel early to avoid disappointment because last minute price will be very high, especially during holiday season. For example for December holiday, try to book the flight at least 10-11 months (almost a year!) prior to travel. Book the accomodation at least 6 months before your travel as it can be very limited during peak season.

6. Book all the activities that you plan to do as early as possible

I would recommend travel website, such as Klook, KKDay or Trazy. They have a lot of unique local travel package and activities to do depend on the place that you plan to visit.

7. Get the pocket WiFi

Because internet is very important for travel! I am not only referring to social media, but more to useful information like map, website reviews and the vicinity surrounding.

8. Prepared equipment you need

Especially when you plan to do outdoor activities. For me, sport shoes, active attires, waterproof jacket/ parka are a must to bring everywhere i travel. Don’t forget on your personal medication as well, i believe i’ll need it once in a while. My must bring medicine is the charcoal pills to combat food poisoning.

9. I love to travel in style!

For fashion blogger look, i’ll find more inspiration on how to dress up according to season of the place you want to visit. Or on how the locals dressing up, what’s the trend at the places i want to visit. If nothing specific, then best to style according to yourself. Well for me, every holiday is the best time to dress up/ show off your style because i’ll take photos on places i visit.

10. Lastly, take time to enjoy and take a deep breath on every places you visit

Every trip will give new experience to your own soul that no one can ever teach. Take a courage to go travel to new places whenever you have chance..

Happy planning!!!




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