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[Travel] 10 Reason Why You Should Travel to New Zealand In Summer

If you plan to visit New Zealand for the upcoming summer this year, go ahead with your plan, because New Zealand is awesome during summer. Here are 10 Reason Why You Should Travel to New Zealand In Summer.

1. New Zealand is colourful in summer

If you chasing for flower season, summer is the right time to visit New Zealand. Lupins, lavender, hydrangeas and other type of flowers are blooming during summer.

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2. Daylight is much longer in summer

This is the advantage traveling during summer, so you will have more daylight have longer journey with light.
During December average daylight can be up to 18 hours where sunrise is around 5.30-6am and sunset is around 9-10pm thus you have more time to visit more places.

3. Road trip is so much easy in summer

Summer weather is no harsh at all. The roads are dry and it’s like normal driving in Asia, however they have the speed control which you need to follow carefully, otherwise get ready to get summon by police.

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4. Temperature is pleasant

Summer in New Zealand is not too hot and not too cold, similar to aircon room temperature. The average daytime temperature is a pleasant 18 – 25 degrees Celsius. You can dress whatever you want, however layering is good idea,

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5. Blue sky and sunny day

Who doesn’t like blue sky and sunny day?! If you are traveling during summer, you’ll be blessed with this two important factors that making all your photos turn out super nice! However, even though the weather is chill, you will still need to apply your sunblock as the  summer sun can be very harsh to your skin.


6. More chance for clear sky at night to do star gazing

Clear sky means have more chance for star gazing, however if you expecting to see the Milky Way, then you should arrange your visit in the winter. Star gazing during summer can be tough also, so be prepared to wear warm clothing as the winds can be very strong.


7. Enjoy most of outdoor activity in summer

Peak season for holidays but you can enjoy outdoor activity with locals – But the main summer attractions for both tourists and locals are hiking trails, beaches, lakes, or anything else that has to do with water.

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8. Endless possibilities as you can visit every place because most of the places are open except for ski and during Christmas day.

Yes, in summer, most of places are open, especially if you love outdoor activities. Summer is the most active time for local and overseas tourist. They even have outdoor camping activities during summer.

9. Shops, restaurants, pub and cafes open longer in summer.

In summer, people are more active thus they working until late during summer. Pubs close even much later at night. So you can enjoy beer time at night.

10. You can dress up for summer

Forget your fleece and down jacket as you don’t need to suffer bring thick clothing. You can even bring your favourite summer clothing. But i would suggest bring light jacket as it can be very windy sometimes.


SO, Are you still considering which season you want to visit New Zealand?

I would suggest go for summer season!!!



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