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[Travel] Hobbiton Movie Set Experience at Matamata, New Zealand

Adventure on the North Island before we went to South Island, Hobbiton Movie Set is one of every tourist bucket list whenever they go to Auckland.

Surrounding there are few stops to enjoy before you heading to where Hobbiton Movie Set located.

1. Blue Lake

We started our journet to Matamata from Rotorua and we spent our morning at Blue Lake Rotorua. Weather had been unfriendly on our days at North Island, visiting this Blue Lake during rainy day therefore this are the view we got. Otherwise the Blue Lake view is actually amazing on sunny day. On Summer, local tourist were very active, they love to do activities on the water bodies (lake, sea, etc.).

Address: Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake), Whakarewarewa, Rotorua 3074, New Zealand


2. Centennial Drive, Matamata

Upon reaching Matamata before we head into Hobitton Movie Set we checked some of their town garden, decided to visit Centennial Drive because our tour only started at 4.40pm.. Spotted so many big trees and hydrangeas!

This is Agapanthus (Blue Lily) – somehow i feel surprise with myself that i can remember so many scientific name of the plants, some colleagues said it’s a talent lol.. maybe because i love plants and nature so much! Haha..

Photo 24-12-17, 9 58 58 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 51 31 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 50 55 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 50 04 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 49 22 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 47 00 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 43 33 AM

3. Matamata I-Site Visitor Center

What i love from New Zealand is every town have their own visitor center and everything is very well organized and informative. This is where you can find more info about the town and place of interest, you also can buy activities tickets over there.

Photo 24-12-17, 9 27 26 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 9 15 08 AM

Hobbiton Movie Set

The Shire’s Rest Cafe

Where you can have quick bite and ice creams while waiting your tours.


The Hobbiton Movie Set tour is an essential stop on the itinerary for all visitors travelling through New Zealand, offering an interesting and entertaining experience incorporating the famous film set as seen in The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Fall in love with the Alexander family sheep and beef farm, just as acclaimed director Sir Peter Jackson did, as you journey through the village, with the mighty Kaimai Ranges towering in the distance. Your guide will then escort you around the set, showing you the intricate detailing, pointing out the most famous locations and explaining how the movie magic was made. You will be taken around the 12 acre set; past Hobbit holes, the Mill and into the famous Green Dragon™ Inn, where you can indulge in our exclusive, specially brewed beverages to conclude your own Middle-earth™ adventure. (Source: Trip Advisor)

Photo 24-12-17, 1 30 16 PM

The green bus carried us to the movie set.

On the way to the movie set surounded by beautiful undulating landscape occupied by the sheeps.. how cute?!

All visit to Hobbiton Movie Set are arranged by tour with the guide. From the visitor center they will bring over group of around 30ppl in a tour bus.
This is the surrounding view you can enjoy while entering the way to movie set.

Photo 24-12-17, 1 30 11 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 11 52 17 AM

Finally we reached!

Welcome to The Shire..



Hobbits house so colourful! Every house has different door colour.





The detail that they put into are amazing.. This shown the field with hanging laundry of Hobbiton’s clothing size.



The Orchard

This is the garden of the Hobbits!

Photo 24-12-17, 11 59 47 AM

Photo 24-12-17, 11 59 51 AM

Found this flower so interesting.. Apparently those are onion flowers.

Photo 24-12-17, 1 22 40 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 22 18 PM


Loving the colour and the blooms! It looks like in a wonderland.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 20 26 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 04 43 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 10 43 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 12 43 PM

Our tour guide took this photo for us! This is the only door we allowed to go in and take the photo.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 25 45 PM

The overall landscape of the movie set. Some of the big trees aged few hundred years.

It’s absolutely very soothing by looking at it.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 33 31 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 34 17 PM

The Bag End 

(aka Bilbo House)

The famous green door, this house belongs to Bilbo!

Photo 24-12-17, 12 38 21 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 37 34 PM

Our tour guide pointed out where scenes were shot in the movies and explained some the intricacies of the set.

Our tour guide shared that tree on top of The Bag End is the fake trees made from plastic leaves! The large oak tree above Bilbo’s house was cut down and transported to Hobbiton where its branches were bolted back in place. Thousands of artificial leaves were wired to the branches, all for a few seconds of filming.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 34 47 PM


From The Bag End,you can enjoy The Shire overall landscape view.


Spotted the iconic Party Tree and meandering footpath..



Photo 24-12-17, 12 40 21 PM

In wonderland..

Photo 24-12-17, 12 41 45 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 42 30 PM (1)

Photo 24-12-17, 12 44 35 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 12 44 50 PM

Sam’s House





Passed by Sam’s House on our walk to Party Field.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 49 33 PM


The Party Field


This Party Tree aged few hundred years, it was a large tree in the centre of the Party Field, south of Bag End in Hobbiton.

It was presumably either a beech or oak, as many other trees were in the Shire.

Photo 24-12-17, 12 45 04 PM


Photo 24-12-17, 12 59 28 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 00 45 PM

Do you remember this bridge?! Hehe..



The Water and Watermill

This is Hobbiton’s The Watermill, the view accross The Water from Green Dragon Inn.



Photo 24-12-17, 1 01 52 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 01 56 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 19 04 PM

The Green Dragon Inn and Bywater Beer Garden 


Ended our tour at The Green Dragon Inn where we enjoyed a complimentary drinks.

The Eel Brook

Photo 24-12-17, 1 20 00 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 21 01 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 20 22 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 20 27 PM

Outfit detail: Top from #collatethelabel which surprisingly very versatile even tho hubby told me looks sexy hahaha…

Bottom is Patrice Cuffed Pants from #lovebonito – looking for black colour size S if you selling!!!

Rockstud Bag from #Valentino – only brought 2 bags with me for this trip, Valentino Rockstud for walking around the town and another one is mini backpack for adventure and hiking.

Shoes is #Adidas Stan Smith becoming the most worn shoes during this trip.



Photo 24-12-17, 12 57 25 PM

Enjoying our very last view of Alexander family’s farm from our tour bus.

Photo 24-12-17, 1 43 26 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 43 06 PM

Photo 24-12-17, 1 39 27 PM

I would say tour to Hobbiton is quite pricey, it’s NZ$79 per person (for adult), price incl bus to the movie set, guided tour and a glass of beer/cider.
The tour is quick and taking photos is very challenging as we stop by few minutes for each house or spots. Tour is very organized and the tour guides are friendly.
We spent around 2hrs at the movie set, but i guess if you are the fan of Hobbiton, this would be a great experience walking thru The Shire.

Photo 24-12-17, 11 43 58 AM

Book your tours on Hobbitontours website.

Hobbiton Movie Set

Address: 501 Buckland Rd, Hinuera, Matamata 3472, New Zealand


Where to Eat at Matamata?

Had our lunch at Cucina Italiana.. quite a decent place to eat at Matamata.

I really love their seafood risotto, cooked into perfection! Not too soggy..

Photo 24-12-17, 8 27 44 AM

And their pizza was not bad too.

Photo 24-12-17, 8 26 54 AM

Osteria Dagino/ Cucina Italiana

Address59 Broadway, Matamata 3400, New Zealand
Phone: +64 7-888 5652
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