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[Collabs] YuniQueYuni x Gaston Luga The Clässic Backpack

I’ve been heard about Gaston Luga backpack for quite sometime. Their design is minimalist and very functional for travel. What a privelege for me to be able to collaborate with them. I picked The Clässic Backpack in Black Black.

Well actually i love all their design! But, this is why i picked this design and colour: First, Black colour is very versatile and never go wrong. Second, the design as classic as the name, it’s very minimalist too. Third, it can be worn as men’s backpack or women’s backpack, it means i could share this backpack with hubby! Glad to find out that he loves this backpack too!

After ordering the backpack online, they proceed with shipping immediately! You can expect to receive your backpack in less than a week. For your info, the shipping came from Europe country. You can imagine how efficient Gaston Luga team proceeding customers’ order. At first, i didn’t expect that it will come so fast, in fact I was so surprised that i could received my backpack in just 4 days after online order. Thumbs up!
As you know because i love travel so much especially to natural places, i already could imagine that i would bring this backpack everywhere i go.  The backpack is very spacious that i could lug all my necessity inside. Can you see that i paired it with my beach wear and it still looks good, i love how versatile this backpack can be. I can’t wait to bring this backpack exploring new places…

Product Detail and Specification

The Clässic: an elegant and timeless design – versatile, spacious, functional and multi-purpose – whether you are sailing in the French riviera or having a drink at a five star hotel in New York, the Clässic suits the occasion. Make your backpack unique and match your personal style with a coloured leather address tag. Equipped with Gaston Luga’s signature passport pocket.

– Strong durable canvas
– Magnetic strap closure
– Outer zipper pocket
– Inner 13-15″ laptop compartment
– 2 inner pockets
– Passport pocket
– Adjustable shoulder straps
– Leather address tag (to be purchased separately)
The Clässic is made with thick and strong cotton and faux leather for durability and better water resistance. Two-way metal zipper opens the main compartment, which contains an inner 13-15″ laptop compartment and 2 smaller pockets for smaller belongings such as your wallet or phone. There is also an outer zipper pocket to keep other small belongings that are often used and have to be easily accessible. On the back of the backpack is the unique Gaston Luga pocket for your passport, travel documents or other important belongings that need to be kept safe yet easily accessible. The front leather straps are held by strong magnets for easy access. The inner lining is made with luxurious 100% cotton fabric. Under the backpack are four metallic feet, giving the backpack the extra protection and its cooler look. Dimensions (cm):
28 x 42 x 14

Why Choose Gaston Luga Backpack?

All Gaston Luga backpacks are uniquely designed to fit any setting, no matter where you would go—whether you are sipping Mai Tai on a beach in Thailand, sailing the French Riveria, going to work or simply a weekend brunch with friends, the Clässic, Clässy and Pråper collections will suit and add to the occasion.
On top of the minimalistic and elegant exterior, functional features such as a pocket specially designed for things needed to be easily accessible yet kept safe (i.e. passport, cash) are also details that make the backpacks extremely practical. Each backpack is also equipped with an inner compartment which can hold your 13-15″ laptop with ease, making it a good choice for work and travel.

About Gaston Luga

The story of Gaston Luga and the minimalistic backpacks took its start during a trip to a new continent, where our founder Carl Sundqvist met an interesting Frenchman with an elegant and casual style. Gaston told Carl he believed a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world. Since he was a person keen of his style, he had put time and effort into finding something different from the regular school style.

Finally he found himself an elegant Louis Vuitton, to which he had several modifications made. Making it more personal, functional and unique. Inspired after the meeting, Carl decided a few months later to create his own backpack brand with classic elegant style and practical details. Hopefully these would get to travel the world, just like Gaston. 

Gaston Luga loved his elegantly custom-made piece. We understood the industry was lagging when it comes to what customers today want. Most products are designed with big fluffy shoulder pads, plastic materials and thin fabric, which brings thoughts back to the first day of school.

It was important for Carl to create something he would wear himself and be proud of. The vision was to make a line with Scandinavian minimalism and elegance to suit all different occasions. As time went on, leather parts, thick quality cotton, metal details and a mix of carefully selected colors were put together and became the foundation of the new brand named after its predecessor, Gaston Luga. 


Official Website: /


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They always offer free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + 15% off with my unique code on the remaining price after tax rebate.
That means you can save a lot to get their awesome backpack!

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