[Beauty] Eyelash Extension Experience at Leekaja Beauty Salon

I’ve been wanting to do my eyelash extension after a very long break never get it done. Well at least for the sake of convenience and always looking good. Eyelash extension will definitely enhance the eyes, it makes the eyes brighter and bigger. Was so glad that Leekaja approached to help me with eyelash extension.

Leekaja is a Korean beauty salon located at Orchard Mandarin Gallery. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Leekaja  provides a scenic view of Orchard in the salon.  

The interior of salon is very cozy and welcoming for customer. It doesn’t really look like salon to me to be exact! The place itself already make me fall in love! And i can’t wait to try their service.

Many passers-by enter the salon, mistaking the salon for a cafe. They may not be a cafe but they offer complimentary food and beverages to all customers. Their professional in-house barista prepares the coffee, tea and freshly squeezed juices. Home dried pineapple, fresh banana and Korean – styled biscuits are served together with the barista brewed drinks. All these are just one of their sweet little perks of coming to LKJ Beauty Salon.

What is Eyelash Extension?

That is the professional service of attaching man-made lashes on individual eyelashes. It allows to have more defined and voluminous eyelash just like our own natural eyelash.

At Leekaja Beauty there are few types of eyelash curl and the length you can choose depending on your preference and artist advise.


Why choose Leekaja for eyelash extension service?

  • It’s light an natural just like your own eyelash and it lasts for 1-2 months after each service.
  • Comfortable and does not have any irritation with professional handling.
  • Give natural curl to droopy and sparse eyelash.
  • Possible to customise to customer’s preferred length and type to achieve different looks.

Using eyelash imported from Korea, Leekaja eyelash artist trained in Korea will create a more defined eyes that fit your face shape. I can now skip the hassle of having to put on mascara every time I leave the house! Well at least for this 1-2 months.


The Eyelash Extension Experience

This is how my natural eyelash look like before any eyelash extension. It looks so short and not flattering.

Short eyelashes made my eyes look smaller and not attractive!

After accessed my face shape and eyes, Nuri, the artist recommended JC Curl for natural looking, but i told her that i want a bit dramatic looking, so she thought  that C-Curl will suit me and i agree with her. She was also using combination of few types of length, mine is within 10-12mm length.

Nuri was very friendly, caring and soft spoken, i would say she is very polite too. She was extremely gentle while putting in the eyelash extension, I was fall asleep when she was doing it, because it was so comfortable and not pain at all. Somehow the glue used is also not smell as strong as the usual one on other eyelash extension shop.

The result as expected, it is not overly dramatic but just right and natural. Can you see that?! So neat and perfect!

It’s been more than a week using eyelash extension and the lashes are still as beautiful when i just came out from the salon, i guess with their special technique and quality, the eyelash extension will last longer.

I was so happy with the result.. Thank you Leekaja for giving me a beautiful eyelash they came with good service.

If you consider Leekaja to do you eyelash extension, here are the price list for your reference.

About Leekaja

Leekaja Hair Salon was established by Madame Leekaja back in 1972 in South Korea and was the first franchised hair dressing brand. Since then, LKJ Hair Salon has been the most stylish and prestigious hair salon brand in Korea and have branched out overseas with 130 shops in Korea, 15 in USA, 33 in China and most recently launched the first LKJ hair salon in Australia.

Leekaja aims to provide a one-stop service to all their customers. It provides services for Hair, Nail, Eyelash extension and Semi Permanent Makeup.

Other than beauty services, Leekaja has a mini cafe that offers complimentary food and beverages to all customers to ensure that customers received the best services while getting pampered.

And here are other facilities/ services that Leekaja Salon offer to the customers.

Leekaja Beauty Salon

Address:​ Mandarin Gallery, ​333A Orchard Rd, #03-13, Singapore ​238897 – Tel:​ ​81330818
Opening hours:​ 10am – 8pm daily
Website​ | ​Facebook​ | ​Instagram



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