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[Explore Singapore] Re-Visiting MacRitchie Trail – Tree Top Walk via Windsor Park

I’ve been drawn into exploring nature since i was study Landscape Architecture. Visiting nature to de-stress myself from hectic life at this tiny little red dot. Surprisingly, nature area in Singapore are everywhere. One of the oldest and famous with long trail is MacRitchie Trail. I’ve alrd visited Macritchie since my first time i arrived in Singapore. The old route was inconvenient and long. And this time round we tried a new route via newly opened Windsor Park. 

The nearest entry towards Tree Top Trail is via Venus Drive Carpark.

This is how the entry from carpark towards the trail look like.

The map of Windsor Nature Park.

Look at the crowds!  It’s just because a public holiday!

We q-ing to enter Tree Top Walk because there is limit for the people quantity on the bridge.

There are warnings and informations on the entry point, include warning for food-snatching monkeys! I saw a guy with his bag not properly closed, then a monkey started to open it. So beware!

The walk on Tree Top Walk itself is such a short and fast walk, if i reckon, it was only 8-10mins. You have to keep on walking because people were behind you.

Not bad for quick shot!

If you have an anxiety about the height, you have to think twice if you wanna visit and walk at this Tree Top Walk. The base of the bridge is perforated mesh and you can see thru to the greenery underneath. It’s pretty tall as you won’t be able to see the base, all covered up with greenery.

But i would say it’s worth the experience.

After you walked thru the Tree Top Walk, there is only one way to follow, it was up and down walk thru the timber steps. It was quite slippery during my visit because of rain and saw a girl fell off for few times. Just need to be careful and don’t wear slippery shoes.

After a series of walk, there is a rest point with toilet facility.  This area is the junction depends on which way you will be taking for exiting the park. 

We took this trail which leads to Venus Drive carpark.


 If you want to find more about MacRitchie Trail, you can find here: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/macritchie-reservoir-park

And about Windsor Nature Park here: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/windsor-nature-park



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