[Staycation] 3D 2N Batam – Best Western Premier Panbil
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[Staycation] 3D 2N Batam – Best Western Premier Panbil

Batam is one of our destination for mini getaway because it’s just 45 mins away from Singapore. Since i’ve been very long never go back Indonesia and miss Indonesian food and stuff very much, so we decided to visit Batam. Of course for their yummy and affordable foodies and massage!

We booked available hotel bcos it’s our impromptu decision to fo Batam. We booked Best Western Premier Panbil because it’s one of Agoda’s recommendation and the price is very reasonable for room incl the breakfast and shuttle service. The hotel is also very new and they have infinity pool overlooking to the lake and greenery, we think why not? Even tho from Agoda’s review not all people had a good experience staying there because the place is actually pretty far from town, around 30mins from Nagoya Hill and 40mins from Batam Center.

At first we think cannot be that bad right?! And at Agoda they advertised that they provided complimentary shuttle to Nagoya Mall or Batam Center, so why not try it?! 

There you goes, we booked the hotel via Agoda. Nearer to the date we tried to e-mail them about the shuttle service to pick up from Batam Center, but no reply at all. 

Should call them in the first place maybe!


Singapore Ferry Terminal queue system was so bad and messy, people don’t even know where are they queueing? Gosh! It’s just very unorganized. Well perhaps it was public holiday, that’s why!

It was raining in Singapore during our departure but didn’t rain at all during arrival at Batam.

Upon arrival at Batam Center as usual we went thru different queue because my husband is foreigner and for Indonesian there is not much queue. But the queue for foreigner are very fast too because there are a lot of immigration counter opened, my hubby came out within less than 15mins. 

While waiting hubby i had my late lunch at 2nd floor Batam Center Ferry Terminal, satisfied my craving for Batagor (fried tofu with peanut sauce), not the best but ok la.

I warned you first before you read this post, it’s gonna be a complain post about the service that the hotel provided.

First, when we arrive, the reception counter didn’t know how to handle the check-in guests, the queue was horrible and very confusing, people don’t even know which is the correct queue. We thought that we queue at the wrong line because one auntied grumble at us and told us that the receptionist should serve her first because she queue there longer than us. Then suddenly, the queue getting very messy when they opened the new reception counter. We quickly moved to new line and managed to settle our check-in. 

We booked deluxe room with queen bed but guess what? They have no more available room for queen bed so we have to end up with double bed, sigh! I hate when hotel saying that whenever we check in. It really depend on how they manage their booking right?!

Second, their room horribly smell like smoke, i hate it a lot. I alrd know that Indonesian like to smoke everywhere even at aircon room! So no point even though you choose non-smoking room, you room will always smell of smoke because previous people occupied your room smoking in the room. Or perhaps their central aircon is already smell of smoke. 

Nevertheless nothing wrong with the place itself, it’s even beyond my expectation.

Look at that greenery overlooking thru the full height glass window and the far away lake view.

Infinity pool view.

Third, their service are bad, the staff are very slow. Don’t mention that Indonesian are generally are pretty slow pace compare to Singapore and Hongkong people. But this one is super super slow! I don’t even remember Bali or Jakarta hotel have that kind of slow service. Even for snack like those!

It took forever for them to prepare my banana fritters.

After swimming and snacking we had our massage at Eska Wellness Center, this massage place is within hotel area, it’s just next to swimming pool.

Massage place very new!

The massage and the service at Eska is really good. And they prepared favourite ginger tea after massage.

Book few hours before your massage to avoid dissapointment!

They have an OOTD worthy wall in front of the lift at Pool Level area.

We decided to have dinner at hotel during our first night, since they hv restaurant at lobby level area. Because we thought going out will be quite late and quite far from hotel also need to spend on two way transport. Not much people eating at restaurant when we came there, only 15-20% of table occupied when we were there. One of their staff took our order when we just seated, we ordered Fried Rice and Satay for our dinner. We waited for 15mins and then we asked one of their staff whether they alrd proceed our order, then suddenly another staff asked again our order, apparently they seem haven’t proceed our order! Then we wait another 20mins and our foods never came.. We were so hungry and my hubby almost lost his patient. And suddenly there was another staff asked again on our order, made us asking whether they alrd done our with our foods?! My hubby really angry that time, i told him maybe because we alrd so long never go back Indo and forgot how slow pace the people is. It’s alrd 1 hour and our foods finally came. Food is not bad and price wise is typical room service food pricing.

Another OOTD worthy partition at hotel main lobby.



Spent my early morning for OOTD around pool and roof cafe area.

Still have more thing about their terrible service to share. It’s their breakfast, not about their foods but it’s their seating! We came pretty early for our breakfast, around 7am but after we went in, we couldn’t even find seat! And we asked few servant and they just asked us to wait for people finished their foods, sigh! How can such a big hotel cannot cater for so many of their guest? They should estimate the seating capacity before they even start their operation! 

Food wise was pretty decent, nothing to rave about.

This is their lounge pool deck area. 

Their rooftop cafe.

In the morning we all gathered at the lobby to get into their shuttle for destination to Nagoya Mall. The journey took around 30mins and the driver dropped us in front of shopping mall. Driver asked everyone of us about the return timing, some answering 4pm and some answering 6pm (incl us).

We had our movie, eating and shopping there. 

Didn’t know there are a lot people queue in front of cinema before it was open becos we came quite early then we just joined the queue. Maybe they just want settle their ticket and also get the best seat thus they can go for sightseeing and movie after that. Actually there was no official queueing, people were standing in front of the cinema before it opened. And when the cinema opened it was so scary! People are really running towards the counter. 

After we settled our ticket for “Fast and Furious 5” movie we went sightseeing and a bit of shopping (incl grocery shopping!)

Satisfy my craving for bakso at Nagoya Mall. There is one foodcourt area at Level 1, their bakso (meatball) is quite good.

Not forgetting our early dinner, Grilled Fish and sambal kangkong in front of Nagoya Mall. The chilli taste amazing! We also had Nasi Padang take away for our dinner, so shiok!

After finished with our stuff at Nagoya Mall we went waiting for our 6pm shuttle, we came to wait early because we worry there will be a lot of people taking shuttle as well. We waited until 7.30pm and there was no sign the shuttle will come until we gave up and took our own taxi and paying Rp 100.000,-.

Sigh! What kind of service that Best Western Premier Panbill offers? Like Murphy Laws – everything can go wrong, for sure will go wrong one! 

Come back to hotel and it’s time to relax.

They have glass jacuzzi btw.

And jacuzzi area is quite spacious too.. 


The view from hotel room with those mist is priceless!

The lake view so gorgeous.

Good lighting made me wanna have a lot of photoshoot in the room.

Took some shots for WLab eyeshadow palette.

From top to toe – OOTD summer looking at pool deck.

For the watch advertorial.

The only thing we like on this hotel is the place and the view, really nothing wrong with the hotel itself, it’s just the service is bad. I don’t think we are going to stay there anymore! 

Best Western Premier Panbil, please improve your service! 

This post is not just about the complain, it’s to let hotel know that they hv potential if they improve their service, i just pointed out the flaws on their service. 

Foods before we went back to Singapore.

Best Western Premier Panbil

Address: Jl. Ahmad Yani, Muka Kuning, Sei Beduk, Kabil, Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29433, Indonesia

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    Hi thanks for your review. I just went there teaching for kid swimming. very nice pool view.

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