[Beauty Treatment] Hair Transformation at The Comb Salon

Notice something different? Yep, it’s my hair.. 

I wanted something different on my hair because i am quite boring with current style and similar colour over the years. 

Came again to The Comb for a hair make over. Previous experience with The Comb can be read here and here.

Love TWG tea they served. I picked my favourite Earl Grey Tea.

So i asked Michelle the hair stylist whether can change whole colour of my hair. I was thinking about ash grey tone colour for my hair. She didn’t suggest to change all because the process can be pretty long as they need to do several time (at least 3 times) bleaching to remove totally the hair colour. One time bleaching can take around 1 hr btw. If you decide to bleaching and re-colour your hair it will take at least 5hrs. So Michelle suggested to do highlight on few streaks of my hair. 

That is the colour palette that i can pick from, i love those shades on 2nd row of Ash group colour.

Before hair make over is my boring straight hair.

While waiting to start, as you can see at the center of my hair parting is quite uneven colour, the actual hair colour started to come out.

It’s my first time doing bleaching on my hair, i don’t feel scared my hair will be damaged (it depending on the treatment btw) and i feel kinda excited to see the transformation. For my case, it involved 2 times bleaching process, so the bleaching itself took around more than 2 hrs including the hair wash in between. 

This is the colour after my first bleaching, the hair looks still very yellow, thus 2nd bleaching is required.

And starting my second bleaching.

After finish 2nd bleaching the hair colour still a bit yellowish, Michelle told me that the greyish tone will be mixed with my yellow hair. 

Then applied the colour.

Michelle also done layering on my hair because i told her that my current hair is too straight. 

It turns up that i love highlights on my hair and it helps to brighten up my face.. 


Found that Michelle is really passionate about her work. She is the best stylist i’ve ever found, very patient and understanding my request.. 

I love this ashy blonde highlights on my hair ? 

When it just finished colouring the tone is very ash grey colour, but now the colour kinda blended with yellowish tone on my actual hair which is also ended up quite nice!

Thanks Michelle and The Comb Hair for my hair make over 🙂


The Comb Hair Salon

Address: 12 Gemmil Lane
Contact no: +65-6438 3138

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