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[Media Tasting] Spicy Thai Thai New Dishes [Part Three]

You have been reading my previous post about Spicy Thai Thai Cafe part one and part two. This time round, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe invited us over to try their NEW dishes.

Apparently, some visitors of Spicy Thai Thai Cafe prefer non-spicy dishes, thus they trying to introduce some of new non-spicy dishes. During the tasting, most of our dishes are non-spicy.

Kaeng Som Cha Om 泰式野菜煎蛋辣汤 
Price: $18

It’s the sour curry with acacia leaf omelette. It’s pretty unique flavour and my first time trying this. The soup is very tangy and tasty, the omelette taste good. 

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Thai Turmeric Sauce 泰式酥炸黄酱汁鲈鱼 
Seasonal Price
One of my favourite during the tasting. The fish skin so crispy and the meat so sweet. The sauce is tasty with sweet and sour flavour and really addictive.

Cold Tofu with Special Thai Seafood Sauce 泰式海鲜酱汁冷豆腐 
Price: $15
It such a humble and subtle taste but yet very comforting food.

Stir-Fry Broccoli with Scallops  干贝炒西兰花 
Price: $20

Crunchy broccoli and chewy scallops always good idea. It’s again another humble but comforting food.

Stir-Fry Cabbage with Thai Sweet Fish Sauce 泰式鱼卤炒包菜 
Price: $10

Simple dish to accompany other Thai dishes. The cabbage imported from China, has slightly different texture than common cabbage on the market, the leaves are thinner but still crunchy.

Stir-Fry Sambal Baby Sweet Potato Leaves 小番薯叶炒蒜蓉 
Price: $10
One of my favourite is sweet potato leaves, never forget to order this everytime we have Thai food.

Ron Fried Noodles 泰式面 
(below picture is the combination of 3 portions)
Price: $6 per portion

The noodles specially imported from Thailand, has different texture than local beehoon/ noodles. It’s my first time trying this kind of noodles, it’s chewy and not too soft. Some people said this noodle a bit spicy, but i don’t find it too spicy to my liking, everything is just nice.

Stir-Fry Fish Maw with Crab Meat 蟹肉炒鱼鳔 
Price: $20 

Fish maw is one of my favourite too, couldn’t really taste the crab meat but the fish maw portion is very generous and overall taste is quite good.
So if you don’t really eat spicy, you still can enjoy Spicy Thai Thai Cafe dishes too.
Thank you Spicy Thai Thai Cafe for having me and let me try your new dishes, love them so much.

Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango 
Price: $8
Refer to my previous post about sticky mango.

Thai Red Ruby 
Price: $4
Red ruby is one of my favourite Thai dessert. Found it at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe too, but it will be perfect if it comes with more red ruby and less ice.
Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi 
Price: $3
This dessert is very refreshing and soothing.

Further info and food selection can browse thru their website:

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

115 Aljunied Ave 2, Block 115, Singapore 380115

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