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[Media Invite] Sense through Scents with Tippling Club’s new memory-evoking Sensorium Menu

Tippling Club stirs up familiar flavours with a new cocktail programme that places the focus on fragrance.

Nothing stirs up cherished childhood memories like the scent of red crayons. It is through this notion that Joe Schofield—who joined Tippling Club as Head Bartender in early 2016—conceived the Sensorium Menu, Tippling Club’s latest flavour-forward cocktail programme that places the emphasis on scent over spirit.

Through a series of fragrances crafted in conjunction with International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF), a leading innovator of sensory experiences that move the world, Joe taps on the sense of smell to create an olfactory drinking experience that translates a plethora of carefully curated aromas—coupled with Chef-Owner Ryan Clift’s avant-garde culinary know-how—to invoke a series of rousing memories and emotions.

An aromatic affair
It is estimated that 80 per cent of the flavours we taste come from our sense of smell. This is achieved through retronasal olfaction – the process of aroma (or odour molecules) travelling first from the oral cavity and finally to the nose, while we are eating and drinking. The fragrances featured in the Sensorium Menu are designed to stir deeply-rooted memories by carrying sensory information down the olfactory nerve located near the amygdala, the part of the brain that relegates experiences relative to memory and emotion. The hippocampus, also located near the olfactory nerve, is the area responsible for associative learning.

Sharing a similar goal of offering customers new experiences, the inaugural collaboration between Tippling Club and International Flavors and Fragrances marks the starting point of exciting new possibilities that can be achieved in the art of associating flavours and scents.

Sensorium selections
The Sensorium Menu showcases 12 impressive contenders, each inspired and built around a

specific scent and memory.

Relive indelible memories through aroma with inspired inventions such as Campfire, a comforting concoction of marshmallow milk, burnt syrup, ash and gin reminiscent of starry nights spent huddled around a toasty campfire; Leather, a smoky, luxurious libation that pairs sweet notes of raisin, orange and vanilla with the satisfying whiff of new leather; and Caramel, a pleasantly tart tipple that teases out the rich, saccharine flavours of caramel with tangy hints of citrus and rum.

Each ingredient in the Sensorium selection is chosen with careful consideration to smell, taste and the overall conceptualisation process. They worked very closely with the kitchen team to create garnishes that are truly unique. The ingredients and fragrances play off one another, mutually inspiring the eventual product which will evoke intimate memories for the guests.

Priced at SGD $22 each, guests are encouraged to order their cocktails primarily based on their preference of aromas, without being overly influenced by other factors such as pricing and choice of base spirit.

Behind the bar and into the kitchen
The Sensorium Menu also marries Chef-Owner Ryan Clift’s culinary ingenuity with theatrical garnishes and cutting-edge techniques to heighten the drinking experience.
Negroni offers a levitated take on the classic aperitvo cocktail. Using ultrasonic soundwaves to rapidly emulate a barrel-aged flavour, the drink is served with a faux orange slice that is fleshed out with a frozen negroni-flavoured gelatin. Rain weaves together an unsuspecting blend of citrus, soda and vodka, accompanied with an edible stone that extends a chalky bite, and melts into an earthy aftertaste.
Below are the full list of cocktails you can order there: 

1. Negroni – soundwaves, negroni, campari, sweet vermouth, gin

2. Caramel – salted caramel, citrus, rum
3. Rain – stone, citrus, rain, soda, vodka
4. Campfire – marshmallow milk, campire, burnt syrup, ash, gin
5. Orange – champagne, orange
6. Leather – whisky, leather, pedro ximenez, orange, vanilla
7. Grass – grass, dill, anise, citrus, tequila
8. Pear – pear, lime, rum
9. Jasmine – jasmine, apple, citrus, vodka
10. Earl Grey – earl grey, citrus, cream, soda, gin
11. Forest – pine, forest, sherry, mezcal
12. Gin &? &? &? &? – gin &? &? &? &?, vermouth

My personal favourite for sensorium cocktails menu are Jasmine, Campfire and Caramel. I love sweet and light cocktail, surprisingly i found that Jasmine is very refreshing and Campfire and Caramel is sweet and creamy. If you prefer something strong, then you can go for Leather or Forest.

The Sensorium Menu is now available to awaken your senses at Tippling Club from Monday to Saturday throughout lunch, dinner and bar service hours.

Catch behind-the-scenes footage of the Sensorium Menu’s creation process here:

Beside Sensorium Cocktail Menu, Tippling Club Bar also have their Bar Snack Menu.
Charred Peppers [$17.00]

Manchego Bread Puff [$20.00]

Jamon de Bellota [$39.00]

Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes [$19.00]

I found that Tippling Club has everything that a club/bar can offer: good and cozy ambience, good cocktail and good food. Definitenly looking forward to try their other menus.

Address: 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461
Tel: 6475 2217
Hours: Tippling Club opens Monday to Saturday, and closes on Sunday

Monday – Friday

12 Noon – 3PM
Monday – Saturday
6PM – 11PM
Monday – Saturday
12 Noon – 12 Midnight


Thank you @blessincasia for the invite..


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