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[Travel] Staycation at Harris Hotel Batam Center

Batam is the nearest city of Indonesia from Singapore, it’s just a 45 mins ferry journey. So when you boring and looking for a quick getaway (and for me looking for authentic Indo food), why not visit Batam? You can also look for cheap shopping and massage there.

Find a hotel at Batam is not so difficult, it depends on the area you want to go. There are a lot of hotel in Batam, most of them are within 3-4 stars depend on your budget. My usual place is Batam Center, it’s very near to ferry terminal with big shopping mall, i can say it’s pretty convenient. But if you looking for quiet and more relaxing area you should go to Nongsa area (nearest ferry terminal is Nongsapura), you can read my review on my visit to Montigo Resort and Turi Beach Resort.

So we decided to stay at newly opened Harris Hotel Batam Center, for convenience sake. They have the old one at Marina area, which is a bit far from town area. Why we choose Harris Hotel? Because it’s hotel chain, so they have a certain standard, and of course another reason because the price is still reasonable. We booked via Agoda.
They have swimming pool and gym facility.

Sun loungers beside the swimming pool.

Complimentary fruits upon arrival at your room. 🙂
The room itself is small like other Harris hotel but pretty decent. 

View from swimming pool.. behind that coconut trees is ferry terminal.

It’s ok, as long as it’s infinity pool all photo taken will be pretty.

Those coconut trees tho. Can you tell that this is Batam?

Their swimming pool area is one of my favourite OOTD spot.

As long as not many people hanging around the pool you can have a serene effect for your photos.

Perhaps now the creeper behind are fully grown. Been quite long never visit Batam.

And we went to the mall beside the hotel, to find our comfort food. We had our lunch at D’Cost Seafood Restaurant. Had my favourite sweet and sour Gurame fish.

Beside having food at shopping mall, you can also watch cinema, there is a 21 Theatre there. At 21 theatre try their caramel and butter popcorn, so tasty!
So after walking around mall and watch movie until late, we went back to hotel, there is a direct connection from the mall, so convenient.

Second Day at Hotel

The breakfast were pretty decent. As usual had my favourite chicken porridge and mixed stuff from buffet bar.

On our last staycation day, we had our room service massage as well. You can call the spa at the hotel directly to book the massage. The price not so much different than massage at the shopping mall, but it’s very convenient. You can enjoy massage at your own room.


HARRIS HOTEL Batam Center – Batam Island

Jl. Engku Putri, Batam Center – Batam 29461 Indonesia
Phone: +62 778 749 8888 – Fax. +62 778 749 9999

Hope this review will helps you to decide where to stay at Batam. Any question, you can e-mail me direct or keep in touch with me at @yuniqueyuni.


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