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[Beauty Service Review] The Comb Singapore Salon

I have been struggling very long with my hair, long hair is not easy to maintain (well everybody know it!). I always thinking my hair is too boring and too flat, perhaps deserve a change.
Been adoring k-pop gorgeous perming and i wish i can have a bit of volume on my hair. So, when The Comb Singapore invite me to try their service, i was very excited. Was thinking that is a chance for me to do something for my ever boring flat hair. And there you go, i made appointment to visit their salon at Gemmil Lane, it’s just a walking distance from Telok Ayer downtown line.
The Comb Singapore is korean concept hair salon offering various hair service: haircut, colour, perming, straightening and treatments.
My first impression when i visit the salon, it was a simple modern and clean place to pamper your hair. The receiptionist was very nice and friendly Korean lady. And they will offer you drink menu, there are coffee, tea, espresso, juice etc. I ordered my favourite earl grey tea, it came to be a TWG tea, wow! Where got other salon treat you very nice like this? Haha. Then they gave me some yummy biscotti as well. And they did top up both tea and biscotti. Their service was superb!


And here we go, my experience on The Comb Singapore..
Henry Yu (wearing red cardigan on photo) is the senior stylist at The Comb Singapore. He speak both Mandarin and Korean.
First Henry was analyzing my hair condition. At first he told me not to do perming as my bottom part of my hair was really dry and frizzy. He worried the condition will get worse, but i told him i’ve prepared for that. He suggest me to cut dry hair part thus my hair can be permed better. I told him i didn’t mind if he can snip off a bit the dry hair at the bottom. Then he agreed, he snip off just a liiiitttttlllleeee, lol.
Because lazy me had let the old colour run off too long from the roots lol, Henry was thinking that my hair colour need to be touched up as well.
After washing my hair he work on trimming my fringe and end part of my hair.
Then, to start perming process, they applied the chemical to break the hair bone. 
Then they roll up all my hair with roller and start perming. Wait for 1 hr, the rolls was  becoming hotter and machine start to work perming my hair.
After perming process done, the stylist applied neutralizer to join back the broken hair bone. Leaved it for a while then washed hair again before start to do colour touch up. 
They explained to me why they do perming first then colour because perming chemical can fade/wash off the colour.

At first i saw my fringe, was thinking not so bad to do straight fringe, lol.

Can you see the curl shown on the bottom.

Henry showed me Majirel colour chart, well i trusted him to choose for me. He picked the cool brown colour (i forgot the name lol) then i agreed.


They worked to touch up colour on my hair from hair roots until half of my hair, because my bottom hair already have strong colour highlight.

Then after waited 30-45mins, washed my hair and put in some hair treatment.

When you asking how long i spent at The Comb Singapore to do this colour touch up and perming? The answers is about 4-5hours, haha. So be prepared to spent a day at salon.
I love the result! The perming add a bit volume to my flat hair. This kind of loose perming can last up to 3-4months depending on treatment.
Share tips to-do and not to-do list after you do this perming and colouring:
a. Do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after you step out from salon, because the chemical still working to shape your hair.
b. Do not tie or bun you hair immediately after you done perming.
c. Do use a shampoo for after chemical treatment.
d. Do use treatment for your hair, apply from the middle part to the end of the hair.
The Comb Singapore is a casual concept Korean style hair salon. Overall i really had a pleasant experience with them. I love the place and their service. Thumbs up for their great service and the stylist are very friendly and understanding my concern and needs.

The Comb Hair Salon


12 Gemmil Lane 
Contact no: +65-6438 3138 
Leading Korean Style Salon Specializing in Perm, Cut, Color & Styling
Visit their instagram for updates and promotion @thecombsg

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