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[Food Review] Chir Chir Singapore @ 313 Somerset

Recently more and more Korean chicken newly opened restaurant hit the town. 

Last weekend while waiting to watch FF7, we had our late lunch at Chir Chir Singapore at 313 Somerset Basement 3. 

Was having a bit of my OOTD shots at Orchard Road before we heading to Chir Chir, even tho the weather so gloomy outside.. ;P

Not forgetting the detail shots, passerby was starring at me but i don’t care.. πŸ™‚ As Harry Winston said.. β€œPeople will stare. Make it worth their while. ”

I don’t want to scare you lah, it’s the photo too yellow tone due to lighting (hubby haven’t adjust the colour on his camera πŸ™ ) then i converted into black and white tone.. Holding the “pincer” to hold the chicken while eating.. So cute ah! (- i mean the pincer, not ME! eh!)

I just showed off on my cute ring.. Hohoho.. And cute chicken pincer. – pardon my terrible manicure.. T.T

Forgot take photos of the restaurant deco, but i’ll just explain, lots of chickens and eggs hanging on the wall, they make it looks like poultry farm concept.

Cold appetizer served, sweet corn and sour “turnip” pickles (-CMIIW – i was not really sure what kind of veggie is that?).

I am quite like Korean cold appetizer.. Yumm!!!

We ordered The Garlicky Tenders Chicken. Price: $26.90 – Love the smell!

Topped with crispy garlic, sliced almond and dried chili. You can find some Tteokbokki and sweet potato cubes inside too.

The chicken is very fresh, tender and crispy, the garlic is a lot and the smell is quite strong but not so smelly after eating this.. Overall quite yummy. 
And as a reminder if you order this: The portion super BIG! I think order one portion of this can be for 3-4 pax. We didn’t finish the chicken and had to take away the left over (-for dinner!:))

Perhaps is the wrong decision to order other dishes (if you are only 2 pax!)… We ordered the cheese french fries. Again! The portion is really HUGE! Price: $9.90

Topped with creamy cheese, shredded cheese and olives. Overall is ok (i am quite “ok” with all types of french fries, so far only truffle fries that i “adore” so much). We ended up finished this french fries and prefer to dabao our chicken.
If you planning to visit, please bring at least 3-4 pax, as the portion is really BIG! But no worry, this place is worth to visit.. Somehow i got addicted to Korean chicken.. Yummm!!! πŸ™‚
Estimate price: within $20-$30/pax

How to get there?

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 10am – 10pm (last order: 9.30pm)
Friday and Saturday: 10am – 11pm (last order: 10.30pm)

Instagram: @chirchirsg

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