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Cycling with Style at Pulau Ubin

On Public Holiday of Good Friday 18042014, we planned to cycle at Pulau Ubin.. Just for fun, because we had nothing to do, haha..
Ok, this is the most casual outfit i can come out with and my hubby keep on saying i look like little girl/ student/ etc.. But i don’t care.. I still wear my make up and accessories tho.. I told him i will cycling with sytle.. LOL! 
We planned to step out early from home, but ended stepped out late.. So, we stepped out about 10.30am and having a breakfast first and just take train about 11.00am.
Cannot imagine how far is Changi Village Terminal from our place at Hougang..

First we need to take NEL towards Serangoon and change into circle line towards Paya Lebar xchange then we took EWL towards Tanah Merah then from Tanah Merah we took bus no.2 to Changi Village Terminal. Total time to reach there from our place is about 1.5hrs, that is not including queue to take the bumboat and reach Pulau Ubin.. @.@” And it’s Public Holiday so everywhere is crowded, q for bumboat taking about 20-30mins and bumboat to Pulau Ubin taking about 15mins..


In the bumboat..
Bumboat usually carry about 12 persons.. The bumboat pretty spacious but the petro smell and the waves make me feeling nauseous.. o.o’

Photobombed .. T.T

Mandatory shoot here, pardon the crowd behind bcoz it’s public holiday so the island is full of tourist.. Hubby said mybe Pulau Ubin got gold, so many ppl coming, LOL!

Frolicking around their shallow beach..

See.. I still dress up and wear my accessories..

Selfie again..

The public jetty..

We reached Pulau Ubin about 1pm, so we had our lunch there, on the first seafood stall… Just a simple lunch before our cycling.

Malay Mee Goreng..

Seafood Fried Rice..

Me and hubby…
We rented the tandem, twin cycle, just simply bcoz i cannot ride bicylcle.. I did try to ride few years back but i couldn’t bear the pain from falling down.. And now still cannot manage to ride bicycle.. T.T
Rent bicycle for $12 up to 6pm..

No idea about the bucket behind me.. and behind is the view of our first stop before continuing to Chek Jawa Wetland.
What a view..
Actually my main objection to visit Chek Jawa wetland because i wanna see the Wild Boars.. Few years back when i visited this place i met one wild boar within the mangroove trail.. And when we just reached entrance to Chek Jawa where the bicyles park, we found a group of Wild Boars, their babies are simply cute and adorable.. They are stealing foods from ppl bicycle.. Q.Q Nowadays they are not scared to human, and human also not scared of them, just happily took photo of them then.. LOL!

End up we didn’t manage to visit Chek Jawa and make a way turn to public jetty and came back to Singapore main land. Anyway if you are curious what is Chek Jawa, i’ve been there once.. It’s a wetland with mangroove and biodiversity trail, on the way there you can expect to find some unique fish, crabs or other wildlife habitat.. There are a view observation towers there, where you can climb up and sightseeing.. And at the end of trail you can find the deck on the shores with an open sea view. 

Yup, the wild boar. 
On the way back from Chek Jawa we found the cold drink stall and had a rest there, was having my fresh coconut.. πŸ™‚
This is just action only, LOL!
Hubby need to push when the road is too steep.. 
And we found another view on our way back, behind the lake with the bluish water look very fresh, clean and natural..

Love this view…

And not forgetting taking photo with those view.. And my legs bitten by mosquitos there.. Still can feel the itchy until now.. Oh my… T.T
Bye bye Pulau Ubin.. πŸ™‚

Not sure when we can come back there again, we only managed cycling for 2 hours and on the way back my hubby very tired alrd.. Anyway it’s very fun experience.. πŸ™‚

OOTD Detail:
~ Lace Tank from Mango with inner tank top from Zara
~ Sherynne Shorts from Love Bonito
~ Shoes and Socks from Cotton On
~ Accessories from shopnellielim, Forever 21 and Taobao
~ Backpack from Sophie Martin 

How to Go To Pulau Ubin? 
~ Go to Tanah Merah MRT
~ Take exit B towards the bus stop in front of Tanah Merah MRT – New Upp Changi Rd (Bus Stop No 85091)
~ Take Bus No 2
~Alight at the end: Changi Village Terminal-Changi Village Road (Bus Stop No. 99009)
~ Take Bumboat to Pulau Ubin

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