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I love this quote:
“Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live”

Been dreaming about losing my loved one within these few days, that’s why i can’t really sleep well.. Always scared “it” will keep on coming back when i am sleeping..

I just wish everything will be ok.. Within next few days i will be alone because my hubby going for business trip and i will be busy again with my daily work routine..

I really want to appreciate the time that i have with the loved one, my hubby, my mom, my and brother.. my friends and family.. Because time is very limited and we don’t know when our time over.. And please be grateful of what you have because our life is precious..

OOTD Detail for my casual look:
~ Pullover from Taobao ~
~ Ripped jeans from Scape flea market ~
~ Bag from ASOS ~

I believe some of you know this viral video on youtube already, yes.. It’s “CUP SONG”! So far this is the best version i’ve ever heard, beside Anna Kendrick version.. Enjoy watching!

CUPS!! – Pitch Perfect – Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider

Good Nite!

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