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Lesson Learnt.. :(

Today, i supposed to collect my new IC.. Actually, I was so excited to wait for today… Bcoz i made appointment for a month… Then.. today i totally forgot about that appointment.. When i stepped out from home simply did not remember anything, it was just like a usual morning, as i walked i feel like something missing, then when i saw the date on my phone.. OMG, i totally forgot such an important appointment.. I feel so careless to myself, can’t believe myself.. :'(
Then when i need to arrange new appointment it will be another month.. So sad..

Since when i become so careless and not discipline myself??? Lately i have so many works to do, stay late in office, sometimes missing my dinner time and forgot to eat, reach home feel tired but still playing internet or playing phone, too busy checking online shop. I admit lately i neglect myself.. Really, i need to re-discipline myself.. 

So far i always depend on my hubby, everything hubby will remind and give me alert. But i know that it won’t last long, i really need to take care of my own, i really need to train myself not to depend to other people.. Because so far hubby always pampering me and i really forgot that i am an adult, have a responsibility to myself.. Sad.. 🙁 

Ok, for me, today is LESSON LEARNT, i need to DISCIPLINE MYSELF.. No more depending on other people.. I really need to promise to myself from TODAY..

Sleep early, wake up early, eating properly, finish work, have more balanced life, less shopping :'(, save more, care more.. 

Handmade necklace.. 🙂

OOTD Detail:
~ Dress – Zara ~
~ Clutch – Mini Mac Rebecca Minkoff, you can get it here ~
~ Accessories – Bottega Venetta, H&M, Taobao ~ 

Good nite, mates..
I wish can sleep tight tonight and hoping tomorrow morning when i open my eyes i can see my dear hubby coming back home from his trip.. 

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