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Walking throughout Ruins of Ancient City in Rome

When first time we reached Rome by train from Venice to Roma Termini station and we stepped out from station to our hotel, we walked through cobbled pavement.. Wow, i felt it was really cool.. The cobbled pavement seems been there like very long long agooo.. 
Yup.. That time we was thinking our few days ahead in Rome will be full of historical adventure to the ancient city.. 🙂
Yes.. It’s TRUE… For us, travel to Rome is like walking throughout the ruins of ancient city.. You may see those ruins from photos taken here.. 
Enjoy the BEAUTY of the RUINS.. That’s where the ancient arts lies on..

Aside those beautiful and artsy building, got few things i don’t like about Rome..

1. the pickpockets
Yes, i had my first experience with pickpockets at Rome train station. During that time is peak hour, we took train to Colloseo station from Roma Termini station (nearest station to our hotel-Hotel Milani). Suddenly I remember my phone, i thought i left it inside our hotel room, then my hubby went back hotel to check.. Yes, he able to find my phone, then we went again to station. When we were taking our train at Roma Termini, got a teen girl block my way to went into train and got somebody behind like standing very close to me, i felt like “sandwich”, then suddenly my hubby pulled me out from them and i saw my bag zip half opened.. My hubby told me that they were trying to grab things from my bag. And before the train door closed, i saw 4 teenagers (girls)-two of them who trying to distract me went out, yes they failed to get something from my bag.. We were so blessed.. Actually there was my camera inside, but quite deep inside the bag and they are unable to open overall zip of the bag.. Thanks God!

2. the extent of public transport
The transportation in Rome still on development.. Even though their train are pretty new, the train station extent not much covering all the tourist area. They had bus, but the direction still unclear for tourist..
So no choice we had to walk pretty far here and there.. The map sometimes not really showing the small roads and a bit confusing.

3. the city still a bit messy
Yes, Rome still developing their city, so it is not as neat as Paris.. and direction still unclear. Be prepared to get lost.. But i love it, always met something more interesting when we got lost.. 🙂
And few things i love about Rome:
1. Ruins of ancient city and beauty of their city architecture..
2. pizza and pastas
3. gelato (everyday!!!)-i love fragola, limone flavour.. so refreshing.. 🙂
4. cute dogs are everywhere!
5. shopping shopping.. at the shopping center opposite spanish steps

The famous Colosseum at Rome..
The structure of amphitheatre..
The structure and leftover bricks of amphitheatre where gladiators fought..
Mandatory tourist shoot.. LOL!
Overall view of amphitheatre and stages..
Foro Romano and Palatino view from Colosseum
There is a cross in the middle of Colosseum..
The structure showing basement where they kept all the beasts..
Very hot during daytime at Rome, i thought i put wrong costume.. LOL!
Bricks.. and bricksss….
Borrowed landscape of Palatino Hills with those broccoli lookalike trees.. hahaha..
Mandatory shoot by timer using bricks to support camera.. 
Still able to see the shape of the building clearly..
Colosseum view from outside..

Colosseum view from outside..
Mandatory shoot again in front of Colosseum, Rome..
Ah.. Couple mandatory tourist shoot..
Foro Romano, some part still on reconstruction..
Full view of Colosseum Rome.. Some facade still on reconstruction.. I heard they are opening the new access to the highest point of Colosseum.. Cool!!!
Foro Romano.. This way leading to Palatino Hill..
This arc is similar with Arc de Triomphe in Paris.. Maybe Napoleon Bonaparte got inspired by this hehe..
View of Colosseum from Palatino Hills..
So pretty.. Like somewhere in the serene village.. <3 font="">
stacks of bricks..
ruins again!
Was sitting within ruins of ancient city..
So serene!!! Lovely landscape..
With me.. LOL!
So pretty, love those wild flowers.. 

Ruins again… Like a puzzle, archaeologists arranging it..

Lovely view of ruins.. 🙂
Broccoli trees again.. Well actually it’s pretty old pine trees.. You can tell the size in comparison to the person beside.. 
Yes.. Ruins again.. All the broken columns and structure..
Walking around the historical site..
The “new” building..

The famous Pantheon, can you imagine this building been there for more than 2000 years??
The center of Pantheon.. 
Tourist shoot again!

I like all those building in Rome.. such a beautiful city..
Rome is a beautiful city indeed! 

Tips: Buy ROMA PASS, so you may enter some historical site or museums for free and free public transportation.. I think it’s similar like Paris Museum Pass.. It’s like magic card, everytime you show it to the officer, they will allowed you to cut queue going in to museum or historical site.. Roma Pass can be bought from Roma Termini station (the information center-somewhere “corner” at the train station-please find out on their station map) for 34..

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