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Style with Midi Skirt for Autumn/Winter Look

I’m back.. 🙂
Been busy this week.. Not too busy with work.. But shopping.. LOL 🙁
It’s almost Christmast, time goes really fast.. And everywhere are SALE! so i spent time to go shopping, either online or going to shops..
Now just had my own time to do photo editing from my outstanding stories of my Europe trip..
And this post still in Venice.. We spent a morning in Venice before headed to Rome by train.. Simply love the serene morning in Venice and what a lovely sunrise! Good time to snap photos.. 🙂

Something NEW about my style is this, MIDI SKIRT.. I think my body shape work well with all midi skirt, which is covering my ‘PLUS’ hips and emphasize my ridiculously TINY waist.. Currently my waist is 24″. This flare midi skirt is very vintage style, made from few layers of tulle and it is in black.. can match with anything.. Maybe next time will try to match with my tube top for party.. 🙂
And one thing i love about flare midi skirt, you can DANCE! Yes, pose like DANCING and your flare skirt will be very beautiful.. 🙂 It’s pretty cold in Venice, so i need to paired it with boots, or else you may pair the midi skirt with simple high heels, done! You’ll be so classy.. 
My OTHERS midi skirt order will be coming soon, so i will play with colours and mix it with different style of tops.. You can be effortlessly sweet yet feminim with midi skirt, don’t you agree with me?

My outfit are all black? Haha YES! I am not a big fan of BLACK.. I wear black when it is necessary and yes i agree “black is classy’.. But you can add an accent like colourful scarf like what i did. Caution: you only can wear like this in cold weather.. It’s not a daily outfit.. Heehhehee.. 

OOTD Detail:
~ Pleather Jacket: Zara
~ Wool Hat: Zara
~ Suede boots: online shop
~ Bag: Le Planetes Longchamp
~ Accessories: H&M
~ Wool Gloves: H&M

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