Update for our honeymoon trip to Europe, checklist!
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Update for our honeymoon trip to Europe, checklist!

As you read on my previous post about our planning to France and Italy for our honeymoon trip, this post is the update and just to remind us what are the things we need to prepare and hope this post will be a guide for those who plan to go europe as well.. :’)

Here are our checklist:
Ö Air ticket Singapore-Paris-Singapore DONE

Ö Internal Flight Paris-Venice and Rome-Paris (EasyJet) DONE

Ö Train from Venice to Rome (Trenitalia) DONE

Ö Hotel booking in Paris (Citadines Grand Boulevard)-18 Rue Favart DONE

Ö Hotel booking in Venice DONE

Ö Hotel booking in Rome DONE

Hotel booking in Paris shall near to any metro station..
Tips for hotel booking in Venice/Rome: find the nearest hotel nearby station, so you don’t need to drag your luggage along road or cobbled stone paveway, anyway it’s very dangerous as well to carry along luggage everywhere as it shown obviously that you are a TOURIST! nodnodnod! -.-“
Save your money NOT to book the expensive hotel, 3 star shall be sufficient and decent for you to ONLY sleep, bcoz on daytime you will be oustide exploring not only stay in the hotel..

~ Schengen visa application – tomorrow i need to collect it.. *.*
Tips for Schengen visa application for foreigner (esp. Indonesian) whom reside in Singapore:
– apply to embassy of the country where you need to stay longer (for my case, i need to apply at France embassy).
– it will be easier for immigration if you apply on embassy of the first arrival country.
– information on France embassy website: http://www.ambafrance-sg.org/Schengen-Visa
– as long as you have all required documents, everything should be ok.. ;’P
– France embassy not required interview for schengen visa application.

Itinerary of our trip in Paris – still planning it and haven’t arranged all into day by day itinerary but we feel really excited about it.. (o.o)
So far planning to visit this place in Paris:
1. Eiffel Tower
2. Louvre
3. Notre Dame
4. Opera
5. Sacre-Coeur
6. Versailles Palace
7. Centre Pampidou
8. Tulle Le Gard
9. Arc d Triomphe
10. The Pantheon
11. Palais Royal
12. Luxembourg Garden
13. Musee D’Orsay
14. Pont D’Arcs – to lock our love padlock, anybody know where can buy heart shaped padlock (big one), find difficulty to find it.. T.T
Shop Shop.. Gallery Lafayette & Printemps, 31 Rue Cambon (Chanel original shop)-if got chance *wink*
– To scared to visit The Catacombs, even though looks very interesting haha, but anyway our trip now shall be romantic trip, not a thriller/scary places hunting trip.. :'(

Itinerary of our trip in Venice – still planning it.. (o.o)
To visit:
1. Grand Canal – ride the gondola with my love (my dreaaaammmm.. *.*)
2. Piazza San Marco
3. Ducal Palace
4. Rialto Bridge
5. Murano & Bruno Island
6. Teatro La Fenice
7. St John and St Paul Church

Itinerary of our trip in Rome – still planning it.. (o.o)
1. Colloseum
2. Forum and Palatine Hill
3. Campo de Fiori
4. Patheon
5. Vatican
6. St Peter Bassilica
7. Sistine Chapel
8. Villa Borghese
9. Trevi Fountain

~ Booking of all museums

~ Booking restaurant – hoping still have a chance to book famous restaurant in France ;( cross our finger-

I knew it’s only 3 cities.. Feel not enough.. I wish we have more holiday.. :'( Yup mybe next year planning to visit another places of Europe.. 🙂
Hope able to take nice photos in this Europe trip, not forget my OOTD photographs also, that’s why we planning to buy portrait lens for my hubby DSLR camera. And as well as arranging my outfit, due to cold weather from this end of fall season within 5-10degrees, we need more warm clothes but we still need to be fashionable haha, so i will play with layering of clothes, hmmm see how.. Hope my luggage not bursting with all those clothes.. X finger-crossed X

planning a trip is always FUN!!!


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