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My Hearty Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with honey, fresh fruit and raw almond :)

Since i lost my weight, i really control my food and exercise, just simply i am worry to gain weight again, LOL! I am still based on my 1200cal per day..
Yup, every good result need an effort, if you not control yourself and maintain your own weight, it will keep on going up and up…
And recently i really like to prepare my own healthy food.. Experiment with few healthy recipe, you may take a look on my old posts about how to make simple green smoothies, other yogurt recipe on healthy-food-yogurt-with-rosella and tasty lunch recipe creamy-miso-soba-salad-with-edamame

I would prefer to have yogurt with some fresh fruits rather than having a bread for my breakfast. 
Do i feel hungry after that? Hmmm it depends, sometimes during my PMS (pre-menstual syndrome) i will easily get hungry and i will be having my favourite raw almond nut as my snack. Raw almond is contain healthy natural good fats able to combat bad cholesterol level on the blood. And i tell you what, it is very tasty and nice rather than those salted chips.. ;P
I prefer raw almond with the skin and unblanched for my snack, the raw almond nut skin have a lot of fiber will make tummy get full and good for digestion..

For me, breakfast is very important to make your brain “wake up” in the morning and breakfast need a good nutritious food and now would like to share my HEARTY breakfast..

Ingedients… What you need?
1. Greek yogurt – about 3 spoonful (approximate about 100-120grams)
    Why greek yogurt? Bcoz it taste not as light as normal yogurt, it is thick and creamy,          you may easily feel full after eat it. And i found greek yogurt more tasty than other            plain yogurt and it goes well with other ingredients.

2. Honey – 1.5 spoonful

3. Fresh strawberries

4. Mango 2-3 thin slices, i am using non-sugar dried green mangoes..

5. Raw almond about 10nuts or depends on your preferences.

Estimated calories: 
– Greek Yogurt 100 grams: 134 cal
– Raw almond approx 10nuts: 84 cal
– Honey: 90 cal
– Dried green mango: 16 cal
– Fresh strawberries: 24 cal
Total calories – 348 cal
Should be enough for your morning energy.. 🙂

What you need to do just put all together into a cup… Done!!! 
I can tell you this recipe is really GOOD and WORTH to try.. It is soooo tasty and nice and healthy…
ENJOY!!! 🙂

Please note: I am eating like this not for diet or reduce my weight, i ONLY maintaining my weight, anyway i still have normal diet, eating thrice a day and have a proper meal.. So people, no worry, i am not intent to getting more skinny!!! :’D


  1. Hey, I just recently found your blog! I can't wait to try out this recipe, it looks super yummy 🙂

    P.S I’m new follower!

    xox LJ

  2. Hi.. Thanks for drop by here.. 🙂 mind to followinh each other? I will add your blog into my reading list.. 🙂 thank you and keep in touch..

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