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I Love MYSELF!!!

Lately i found writing outfit posts are more fun.. Why?
It’s simply bcoz i LOVE to show the WORLD my personal style.. 
Yes! I am stylist for myself, i am designer for myself and every outfit posts are genuinely based on my personal preference of fashion.. 
Yes! This is my style.. I can’t copy other people style even though it is a trend just bcoz i am not confident to be someone else.. I just like to BE MYSELF! 
And not every style is suitable with your own gesture.. And i just don’t like to be a fashion victim.. Wearing something “fashionable” buy not suitable for my body shape or look odd when i wear it.. 

Well, i am not that pretty to be a model, i am not wearing size 0 and my shape is still far from perfect, but i really like to share my style.. Just simply i would love to be an inspiring person for other people and just be grateful of what i have.. I have an intention to encourage all people to appreciate themselves.. 

And i really love to say: 
“Every girl is PRETTY on their own and everybody is BLESSED in different way..” 🙂


Make up.. Dress up.. Be yourself.. Just said to yourself I AM PRETTY so do everybody will see you.. 
Your CONFIDENT will shine and showing to the world you got POWER! 
I believe when you are confident to yourself, you have a powerfull inner beauty.

Well, anyway not all pretty ladies will always get happiness, only the ladies with the inner beauty and healthy positive mind will always be happy.. BE HAPPY! It’s the energy to build and fulfill our LIFE!

What i wore?
– Three floor inspired lace and leather dress from smooch sg
– PU leather wedges shoes from Vincci
– Clutch Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc in Black
– Bracelet Cartier LOVE 
– Rings: Cartier and vintage stone ring from On Da Rocks 
– Manicure done by myself with Ciate nail polish, colour: Sharp Tailoring 061, from Sephora

Have a nice weekend all PRETTY ladies.. 
Looking forward for this “EMPOWERING” posts.. 

Update: Myself and hubby are sick now.. Both of us got flu.. And currently he got fever.. We wish getting well soon.. Ah, good luck to our weekend.. And currently we are looking for good portrait lens for hubby’s camera so we can produce more oh oh tee dee photo and sharing my personal style.. Jia you!!! 

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