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Colourful Life!

Every Sunday i always have a good time together with hubby.. 🙂
Sunday morning going to church and after church hubby fetch me. After that we always having our favourite food, what else, except Indonesian food!!! So far he pretty enjoy all type of Indonesian cuisine like Nasi Padang, Sundanese food, bakmie (dry noodles) with fried dumpling and my Mom’s cooking.. Oh no, i miss homemade food.. T.T

And after having our lunch, usually we go watching movie or just walk around at Orchard area.. Well i know it’s super crowded now at Orchard, but somewhere still have at least a “breathing” space.. Hmm.. mybe you may consider go to Orchard Central.. 
We love to visit rooftop at Orchard Central.. Caution! Not for those whose having an ACROPHOBIA (fear of heights), bcoz their escalator are extremely long and high, and surrounding are clear glasses so you are able to gaze around neighbouring building.. 

But when you reaching their rooftop, you may able to see nice view of orchard area and they are having garden as well where you can walk around. You may spot few green wall panel up there.. All GREEN!!! ;D 

Just becoz lately i love to blog, so every week shall feed in my blog with my personal style, so we spend our spare time to take my portraiture for my fashion portfolio.. It’s pretty fun anyway.. Every week i may style different, mix and match outfit and play with accessories and make-up.. Can i be a blogger for the rest of my life PLEASE!!! I really love to dress up… ;P

Anyway talking about this colourful dress, it’s from H&M. I bought quite long ago, but just had a chance to wear it.. 
When we took train, one embarassing thing happen.. 
Suddenly one lady came near to me and whispered “You still having label on your dress behind” Oh Gosh! So embarassing!!! And it’s not the first time in my life anyway.. Mybe i was just too careless and rushing when stepped out from home.. T.T 
Haha, no wonder why so many ppl starring at me.. I was wondering maybe just bcoz i am wearing unsual outfit, haha.. Lesson learned then.. 🙂 

Outfit of the day:
Colourful mirrored dress: H&M
Bracelet: Cartier & Lovisa
Ring: Cartier 
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Clear/Black 
Bag: Chanel Le Boy in Black


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