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Bakmie Jakarta at Killiney Road, Authentic Indonesian Noodles in Singapore

Feel so blessed God still designated  me on the place near to my hometown where i can easily visit my mom and relatives every year. Just within 2-3 hrs flight and road journey, i can quickly come back and hug my mom.. 🙂 
Oh i miss her T.T and i miss my mom’s homemade cook food even though now i got mother in law who able to cook really nice, but still craving on my hometown food.. 

But.. Luckily in here, Singapore.. For Indonesian like me, we can easily find some foods so called “quite” authentic Indonesian foods.. So far best authentic Indo food i found here are Nasi Padang at Minang House, Lucky Plaza and BAKMIE JAKARTA at Killiney Road.. 
Every weekend we always end up on those food stalls to satisfy our craving for AUTHENTIC Indonesian food.. 

Yup.. I just want to let u all know about Bakmie Jakarta at Killiney Road.. 
Actually their original stall are in Jurong Point (halal) and Centrepoint basement at Somerset (non-halal) named Jiak BakMee. Those stalls closed and now they only have one stall at Killiney Road, on 2nd floor of 7-11 foodcourt.. Hmm for first time mybe you may not realize there is a small staircase leading to 2nd floor on the side of foodcourt.. Last time i got lost.. I took the wrong staircase, lead me to dark place LoL!!! 
But now if i am not wrong they install the signage to make their stall noticeable.. 🙂

Anyway, this homemade noodle taste so savoury.. They are having few types of noodles, thin and thick noodles.. Their homemade noodle are just nice not too soft and not too hard and it is so CHEWY. They also have few types of sauce for your noodles, plain one (they call it bakmie) and the black soy sauce (they call it yamien). And you can choose whether it comes with soup, or comes with fried dumpling (they call it pangsit) or comes with beefball, fishball or comes with all, depends on what you like.. 🙂

My hubby like just plain chicken noodle (Bakmie Ayam) and the soup.

I always choose noodles come with fried dumpling (Pangsit goreng) with its special sweet and sour sauce.

My favourite will be thick chicken noodles with soy sauce (Yamien Ayam)

My lunch.. 🙂 with Teh Botol Sosro.. and lots of chili

Well, i admit, i really feel like eating at a noodles stall in my hometown.. It’s taste sooo authentic.. At least to help my craving for homemade noodles… LOL!
I did send photo to my brother while eating.. Haha, i said i was in indonesia (kidding!!!) 

Beside noodles they are selling other type of Indonesian food as well.. Further, please browse their menu here or proceed to their facebook page.. 🙂

Next time should try their homemade Steam Rice with Chicken Katsu.. I like to eat this also!!! Still remember my mom always buy me this Nasi Tim when i was sick.

Side order.. Drooling… I had try their tahu gejrot before.. It’s quite nice, but a bit oily, hehe..

You can visit their page:

Bakmie Jakarta
117A Killiney Road (2nd Floor above S11) – 5 mins from Somerset MRT Exit A, Singapore, Singapore 239554
* Note: I am not sponsored for this review.. I am just a satisfied customer.. 😀

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