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Embracing Your Happiness

I remember one of quote when i am sad or having a bad experience: “If life hands you a lemon, make it lemonade”
Meaning: If something not good (read: sour) come to your life, you should always be happy, bcoz bad things happen for a reason and it may leads you to a better way..
I still remember took this picture few weeks before our Singapore ROM, while my father in law struggling with his sickness.. 
My husband-to-be supposed to be beside me on all these photo, planned to be our pre-ROM photo shoots.
That time, me and my husband-to-be had a hard time and seem that our relationship was being on crucible state.. 
But thanks God, we can go through everything even though we lost our beloved father.. 
I wish him always happy up there seeing us embracing our happiness in our new marriage life.

So.. Don’t worry about your future… And always be happy.. 🙂
My ex-colleague, an uncle which i respect always tell me “Tomorrow will always be better than today..” 
So.. Be positive.. SMILE! 🙂

Dress from Guess
Hat from Billabong
Flower Headband bought from Jakarta
Flower from Daiso
Shoes from Melissa
Socks from Cotton On

Photos taken by Firefly Photography

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