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Handmade Marimo Charms Necklace

It’s such a good idea for gift or for your own keepsake as novelties.
Btw..What is marimo? You may read further on my previous post..  My Cute Green Pets Marimo (Moss Ball)
What you need:
1. Marimo (moss ball), preferred nano marimo (tiny size of marimo) about 5-10mm 
2. Tiny bottle, about 20mm diameter with the lid, so you may easily change water if marimo dirty..
3. Charms, you may choose depends on what kind of style you like.. I choose the vintage horse and puppy.. Remind me of my childhood..
4.  Deco such as white sand and tiny branches or anything to put inside bottles with marimo..
5. Hook and chain loop to link all the items into a necklace.
6. Plain necklace..
7. Tools for open the chainlink, pliers or such..
Where to get it:
– Marimo: Bought at Toy Outpost, but some of marimo i do breed myself, when it’s too big, they are tend to break themselves into small pieces..
– Charms, necklace, hooks, chain loop: bought at Plaza Singapura (Beadtlesweet)
So simple and easy… And UniQue for sure!!!

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