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Healthy Food: Yogurt with Rosella Extract Jam

Monday, 8th July 2013

Oh no.. I got bad inflammation on my throat, super painfull when i swallow something.. And i lost my appetite.. I dun feel hungry for breakfast and lunch.. I dunno what my tummy want to be, but this really make me feel so guilty to my own body..
After saw doctor then he give me bunch of medicine, mostly for sore throat and fever and some medicine i need to finish it. @.@” Ok then i took yogurt about 11am, just bcoz i need to fill in something to my tummy so i can take medicine.. 
It’s Monday anyway, feel happy as i can stay at home.. Haha.. I can even go swimming this morning since doctor said i cleared from running nose.. Only hv inflammation and swollen on my throat.. ^.^v and sort of fever last nite.. But this morning feel slightly better but bodyache still remain.. T.T until now.. 
Share with you about Rosella extract.. I know this rosella quite long alrd, and last time always make tea from rosella flower.. Here is the story about this flower..  
Hibiscus Sabdariffa, grows well in most tropical regions of the world. It is also known by common names like Roselle, Rosella, Red Sorrel, Indian Sorrel, Karkade and Florida Cranberry. The plant takes 3 months to mature, after the buds open up, the flowers drop off after a day, leaving the calyces to develop. These bright red calyces are the edible portion.


Throughout where it is grown, it is known as a powerful medicinal plant with great healing properties. Traditionally, it was used in teas or mixed with other herbs to be served as a healthy hot drink or tonic. The main functional ingredients of Roselle are very powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins and vitamin C. These anthocyanins are active free radical scavengers and act as anti-oxidants in our bodies. This is nature’s way to keep us healthy.

Besides being a great tasting thirst quencher in the hot climates, health benefits include reduction of cholesterol resulting in lowering of blood pressure, relief of urinary tract infection and constipation.

If you are buying dried rosella flower at medicine shop to make tea, it will taste slightly sour, and you need to mixed with honey on the warm water.. hehe i tried it beforw buying dried rosella and pour the hot water, it taste sour @.@.. Ok from now mybe buying rosella extract better than you need to do it from zero.

This morning trying to mixed plain yogurt and rosella jam i bought from Takashimaya food fest yesterday.. It’s product from rosellefarms.

1. Prepare the jam
2. And plain yogurt.. You can hv vanilla yogurt also.. But i prefer plain bcoz not so sweet.. 
3. Take 3 teaspoons of Rosella jam
4. Mixed with the plain yogurt 
5. Stir well until yogurt and rosella jam incorporated.. 
6. Enjoy it!!! 🙂
I love the mixture of rosella jam inside plain yogurt, taste not too sweet and the jam contains lots of bits from hibiscus.. Nyummi.. I can feel the bits of flower and i feel like eating sort of berries (raspberry/strawberry).

Here is the packaging detail of Rosella jam. 

I bought Rosella jam 250gr for S$8.50 at food fest.. 
After the seal open, it shall keep in fridge and can last for about a year. 
Packaging said it’s pesticide free (it’s mean organic farm?!), no preservative and no added colouring/ flavouring.. 

Nutritional information: 
231kcal for 100gr serving.
I can say roughly for 3teaspoon is about 10-15gr, equal to only about 20kcal?! 

Roselle Farms’ product are manufacture in Malaysia..

More info can be found at this website:

Oh dear wish me get well soon, my head now very headache.. I am thinking can stay at home and rest peacefully or even can drafting more post for my blog, but Starhub got maintenance at this condo, then no internet now and they keep on drilling.. The sound so annoying @.@”

Anyway, have a nice and marvelous monday, everybody!!! 🙂

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