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RiCh WiFe instead of RiCh HuSbanD.. :)

I found this online when saw my schoolmate post it on Path.. 
What an enlightenment for all ladies.. 
During childtime my grandma/my mom/ my autie keep on saying “pls take care of urself, be dilligent, so u can get a decent work and find RICH HUSBAND!” 
Oh wow, this also will be one of most favourite criteria for all ladies to find their soulmate.. 
Buy wait.. Don’t u think that one is just idealism.. And when u face the reality, you can’t even find the princess riding white horse and looking for love.. Haha.. 
Yup, women’s limit is time, people will keep on asking why you haven’t getting married when you reach age 25++, 30++ or even older than that.. some women have so many criteria for their soulmate until can’t find what she wants then decide not to get marry..
Nobody is perfect, just see yourself, asking yourself.. For me, as long as my soulmate have a decent work, hardworking and willing to have a commitment, that’s enough for me.. I am not coming from rich family, everybody in my family are working hard to earn for living. 
For me, if i get the rich husband is a gift and a fate.. Anyway, not all ppl will reach on their whole life, some will be having a hard time as well.. So rich husband will not always be rich, all depend on themselves.. Are they maintaining to be rich or they are just thinking their money will never get finish then having the splurge lifestyle? 
Anyway just to highlight NOT so IMPORTANT to find the rich husband.. Why don’t we all ladies try to become RICH WIFE?
I know it is difficult for ladies to have commitment not to shopping every month.. Actually it’s very simple: If you don’t need it, then just simply don’t spend.. 
1. Saving is very important.. Every end of the month when salary comes, i always put in half of my salary into another account.. Then the rest will be the amount you allowed to spend for the month.. 
2. Branded is killing.. No need to buy expensive stuff when you don’t even have your own saving.. You can wear expensive bag but so sad to found that your bank account is zero and every month always hoping when the next salary coming.. Well i dun wan to live like that.. You can buy branded when you have spare money, but not addicted.
3. Try to be creative, try to have your own business.. I am started mine 🙂
I interested for bridal stuff, so i am selling wedding dress and accessories, i am selling DIY stuff which i made myself (handmade) and some wedding decoration..
Ok that’s all ladies.. Remember to start becoming RICH WIFE. Gud nite.. 🙂

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